Richard Nason

Passionate about: Systems Administration DevOps Engineering Cloud Architecting Docker and Containers Blockchain Technologies Artificial Intelligence Robots and Space


If you set your goals ridiculously high and its a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success... - James Cameron

I am extremely passionate about technology, to the extent that most of my free time is either spent developing software, learning and exploring new products, or teaching others about technology. As much as I love learning, I also love to disseminate the information that I have learned to others.

As an additional side note, I love Robots #Jibo, Space Exploration #SpaceX, AI #SingularityNet, and Home Automation!


Qualifications consist of over 18 years of personal and professional experience in the field of IT, including but not limited to:


•  Extensive Python 3.x & Bash Scripting
•  8+ years RHEL/CentOS Administration
•  5+ years Deb/Ubuntu Administration
•  10+ years Cisco Router/PIX/ASA mgmt
•  FreeIPA, Active Directory Admin
•  Ansible, Spacewalk config mgmt
•  Django/Tornado Python Frameworks
•  Amazon Web Services
•  Windows Server 2000 - 2010
•  Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.14
•  Microsoft Windows 3.1 - 10
•  Hardware config & management


•  VMWare ESX and VCenter mgmt
•  Microsoft Hyper V management
•  Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
•  AWS Cloud Services Virtualization
•  VirtualBox, Parallels
•  VMWare Fusion, Workstation
•  Vagrant box creation


•  Container Image Maintainer
•  Orchestration with Docker-Compose
•  Deployment with Docker-Machine
•  Clustering with Docker Swarm
•  Clustering with AWS ECS
•  App migrations to containers
•  Production Container Deployments
•  Jenkins Docker CI/CD


•  AWS Code* Services
•  Jenkins, DSL Deployment as code
•  Jenkins full CI/CD configuration
•  Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket mgmt
•  Gitlab HA config & deployment
•  CVS, SVN to GIT migrations
•  Git Administration, and Git flow

Professional Timeline

Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

Highlight of job experience through the years doing what I love to do the most. Information Technology
has never just been a job for me, it's my passion, and it's what drives me each and every day.

  • April 2019 - Present

    2nd Watch

    Cloud Enablement Sr. DevOps Consultant

    Work with and provide DevOps consultant services, via 2nd Watch Cloud Enablement, for Continental US and US SE Enterprise customer base.

  • November 2017 - April 2019

    Amazon Web Services

    Professional Services Sr. DevOps Consultant

    Work with and provide DevOps consultant services, via AWS Professional Services, for Continental US and US SE Enterprise customer base.

    •  Deliver AWS workshops and training on various AWS services

    •  Work with Enterprise customers across the U.S. helping them implement DevOps best practices and methodologies, as well as helping them to build and train them on, CI/CD workflows and pipelines for their new and existing applications.

    •  Work with customers to assist with Lift and Shift Datacenter to Cloud migrations

    •  Work with customers to assist in application cloud native redesign efforts

    •  Work with customers to understand and deliver cloud native infrastructure as code solutions by providing CloudFormation templated deployment scenarios

    •  Educate customers on Containerization solutions as part of the AWS Containers Area of Depth Technical Feedback Community

  • August 2016 - November 2017

    Amazon Web Services

    Sr. Technical Account Manager

    Work with and provide support for US South East Enterprise customer base.

    •  Work with Enterprise customers and support their journey to cloud

    •  Help customers troubleshoot their applications that have been migrated to AWS

    •  Help customers explore new AWS services that would enable them to create or change new or existing applications to be standardized in a more cloud native architecture

    •  Perform cloud security and best practice assessments of customer infrastructures

    •  Help customers design CloudFormation templates to help further automate architecture deployments

    •  Critical Customer Support escalations

    •  Work with AWS service teams on customer troubleshooting and training

    •  Deliver presentations and labs to customers on various AWS services

    •  Member of AWS Container services Area of Depth program

    •  Help customers with any and every AWS request from vulnerability scanning, to application performance troubleshooting, to educational training

  • Dec 2015 - Aug 2016

    SciQuest, Morrisville, NC

    Lead DevOps Engineer

    Lead of DevOps team working to construct new build and deploy pipeline for existing application. Implement and support applications and services which facilitate development and CI/CD of our SAS solution.

    •  Ansible Initiative to replace half configured puppet implementation

    •  Deployment of Docker containers for development

    •  Deployment of Swarm Cluster for Jenkins build tooling

    •  Deployment and HA configuration of Gitlab Enterprise

    •  Onging migration of mixed CVS/SVN SCMs over to GIT

    •  Jenkins deployment and pipeline DSL job setup and configuration

    •  Automated deployments of full application stack using

    •  Manage and maintain RHEL 6 / CentOS 7 servers that run various
        DevOps systems

  • May 2015 - present

    Atlantean Software, Knightdale, NC

    Lead Solutions Architect

    Lead Solutions Architect for small startup that primarily creates software solutions and provides local consulting for small business in the RTP Triangle. Provide Systems Administration, DevOps, Automation and a varity of other services.

    •  Architecture installation and configuration

    •  Adminstration of services such as Jira, Confluence, FreeIPA, Gitlab,
        Nagios with CheckMK, Docker clustering, Zimbra, Yum, APT, etc..

    •  Dockerfiles, RPM and DEB packaging for software deployables

    •  Python scripting, programming

    •  Developed Tornado/Django based API for the backend platforms

    •  Jenkins, job setup, maintenance used for
        build/test/compile/package/deploy pipeline

  • Dec 2009 - Dec 2015

    BBH Media, Durham, NC

    Senior Systems Engineer

    Work as part of Engineering/DevOps team to support applications and services which facilitate development, CI, deployment and support of our companies advertising based platform.

    •   Ansible implementation to manage server and application
        installation and updates, saving hours off of each update cycle

    •  Implementation of Docker, and various Docker orchestration tools
        such as docker-compose, docker swarm, boot2docker, Quay
        on-prem registry and various other management tools

    •  Rebuild of entire existing platform over to Docker containers. New
       environment creation time reduced by over 4 hours

    •  Transition of entire development team over to Docker containers

    •  CoreOS Docker cluster setup and management

    •  Jenkins implementation and configuration resulting in full CI/CD to
        integration environment on commit

    •   Conversion of many of our internal applications such as wiki,
        nagios, jira and more over to Docker containers to allow
        portability, ease of upgrade, and repeatable installation processes

    •  Strong emphasis on virtualization technologies. Prior to Docker,
       over 90% of environment was virtualized via VMWare ESX

    •   Manage and maintain all production, staging, integration,
        development, and support servers running CentOS Linux

    •  Apache and Nginx webserver Administration

    •  MySQL and PostgreSQL database server Administration

    •  JBoss Deployment and Trouble shooting

    •  Gitlab, NodeJS, Zend PHP, and other development platforms

    •  FreeIPA, PBIS, Spacewalk, Dogtag and other system administration

    •  Squid, Apache, HAProxy proxy/load balancer configuration and

    •  BASH, and Python scripting for various tasks such as automated
       database backups, rsync operations, and application installations

    •  Layer 3 Cisco Catalyst switches handling both IPV4 routing and
       general switching

    •  PIX, 5500, 5500-X NGFW series clustered ASA firewall pair

    •  Site to site and remote to site VPN, and upgrade of Aironet WAP’s
        to Cisco Meraki WAPs

    •  Manage and maintain Windows Active Directory environment

  • Aug 2008 - Nov 2009

    First Citizens Bank, Raleigh, NC

    Intel Server Engineer

    Work as part of Engineering team to support the bank's Windows enterprise infrastructure, consisting of 300 QA servers and 450 Production servers at the Raleigh datacenter.

    •  Deployment and configuration of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005,
        Hyper-V and SCVMM virtualization management utilities

    •  Physical to virtual server migrations as well as Virtual Server 2005
        to Hyper-V migrations

    •  Setup, implementation, troubleshooting and management of core
        network services such as DHCP, DNS, WINS, IIS, and ISCSI

    •  iSCSI and Fiber channel, LUN procurement via Windows iSCSI
        initiator and EMC PowerPath

    •  Windows Server 2003, 2008 clustering technologies. New cluster
        setups including cluster groups, resources, and scripts to perform
        automatic cluster balancing and failover for high availability

    •  Automation of various tasks via VB and Powershell

  • April 2006 - August 2008

    WSWHE BOCES, Saratoga Springs, NY

    Network Analyst

    Work as part of educational consulting team to support 31 component school districts with various technological needs. Personally supported 9 school districts on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. Duties ranged anywhere from being the one day a week on prem IT administrator, to supporting the on prem administrator with analysis, recommendations, and implementations of new technology in the district.

    •  Windows Active Directory group policy software deployments and
        restrictive policy enforcement in various environments

    •  Support of a wide variety of hardware such as Dell PowerEdge
        servers, HP Proliant Servers, IBM Blade Servers, as well as network
        equipment ranging from 3COM Superstack to Cisco Catalyst
        switches, Cisco routers, PIX firewalls, and ASA security appliances

    •  Multi district disaster recovery solutions

    •  Setup, implementation, troubleshooting and management
        virtualization technologies via Microsoft Virtual Server, and
        VMWare ESX

    •  Provide and support network traffic filtering and monitoring
        solutions such as Microsoft ISA server and Surf Control

    •  Implementation, support and troubleshooting of various
        applications such as Microsoft Exchange 2000-2007, Symantec AV,
        Ghost, Altiris, Citrix Metaframe, Microsoft Office 2000-2008, Cacti,
        Nagios, Spiceworks, and various others

    •  Multiple Exchange 2000 to 2003 migrations

    •  Novell Network and Groupwise migration to Windows Active
        Directory and Exchange 2003

  • Jan 2001 - August 2005

    Suny Adirondack

    A.A.S Information Technology, Computer Networking.

    Course load included classes in C++ and PHP programming, Microsoft server management, as well as the Cisco Network academy curriculum.